Hi, friends! We're Rusty + Kelsey, the owners and photogs here at Kelsey Rae Photography. We have been married for three years, together for five, and friends for longer. We're at our best when we're together. 


Rusty + I met while drag racing and we still love to do that in our free time. We always joke with one another as to who is better (Kelsey, obviously) and love every minute of it. We love to go camping with our family, exploring new places, and we have watched every season of Survivor. Rusty + I also have three fur babies. If you look at the wedding packages, three of them are named after our spoilt pups.

Rusty is from a small town in Kentucky while I grew up in Mooresville. My whole family is originally from Mooresville which is very odd to come by nowadays. We go and visit Rusty's family in Kentucky as often as we can and is most definitely a second home for us.

Rusty works a full time job as a mechanic while photography is my full time job. If you book a regular session, I, Kelsey will be your photographer! Rusty tags along and helps capture weddings with me so if you book a wedding, that is who the second photographer will be!

We hope this helps you to get to know us just a bit and we hope to get to know you as well! 




" I have always been interested in photography and and hoped that one day I would be able pursue my dream as a full time photographer. My parents gave me my first camera around 8 or so, it was that time where digital was just coming out but they also still developed film so my parents gave me their old camera when they bought a new one. While at the beach that year, I took photos of my dad and his best friend. Later that year, his friend passed away in a tragic accident. After that I realized how valuable photos are and from there my interest grew. Photos are forever and every time I pick up my camera, I hope to capture moments that bring families back to that moment in time. "  - Kelsey


" For the past five years that Kelsey + I have been together, I would go to countless sessions with her (and still do). When she asked me if I would be willing to shoot weddings with her, I was hesitant at first but now I am glad that we get to work together and I can see her in her element. I enjoy being able to capture the guys during weddings and getting to know them on a more personal level. Our hope is that as a husband + wife duo we are able to get to know the couple and they feel as if we're just friends hanging out on their special day. " - Rusty